Tides, Water Temperature and Waves

Predicted tidal levels for other New South Wales ocean locations will vary from those at Sydney although, in general, the variation will not be more than 0.2 metres. The maximum time difference for other NSW coastal ports is up to 10 minutes. The actual tide may differ from the predicted tide due to meteorological and oceanographic conditions. Zero on the tide plot is Sydney Camp Cove Datum, which is approximately the level of the Lowest Astronomical Tide.

Data similar to this and much more generally useful information is published in the NSW Tide Charts.

Note: All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time, add one hour during the daylight saving period.

Tidal Levels for Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sydney Offshore Sea Surface Temperature, NSW, Australia

The Directional Waverider buoy located offshore from Sydney also reports water temperature at a depth of about 0.5m. The information available here is routinely updated at 05:40 Hrs Australian Eastern Standard Time


NSW Offshore Wave Heights

The information available from here is updated hourly.
The map beside the plots represents the latest available sea surface temperature and is derived from a CSIRO Marine Research Remote Sensing Project satellite image


IMPORTANT: TrueBlueDive.com  offer these data for educational purpose only.

All data, predictions and images have been generated from data recorded by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory  and are NOT the official tide predictions for Sydney and should not be used for navigational purposes.


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