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Specifically designed for people of any age who are comfortable in the water our Introductoy Dive is an easy, safe and fun experience.

It is a half day program depending on the dive site location and number of dives and participants.
Introductory dive which means one dive designed for participants that want to try scuba diving.

The introductory dive consists in a scuba dive, conducted by direct and close supervision of an instructor after aDiscover the underwater world briefing on the equipment and practice on the basic techniques in breathing and safety procedures.
There is no experience required, however is important to have a comfortable degree of confidence in the ocean.

A medical questionnaire and waiver release need to be completed by the participant prior to the dive.
To ensure the safety of all participants, medical problems such as: asthma, seizures or blackouts,
epilepsy, cardiac problems or chest surgery, bronchitis, chronic sinus condition, lung disease, ear surgery or perforated ear drum, high blood pressure, pregnancy will exclude from participating in the program.

Underwater loveDownload the Medical Declaration and Waiver Release Form HERE
If you need more information about this matter please click

Introductory Dive $95.00

Second Introductory Dive $35.00

Boat dives are available for an extra $70.00

Bookings in advanced are essential.

If you never dive before is useful check our FAQ’s about Diving here.

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