Diving Is Forever

People all over the world have been stimulated by the romantic urge to become “divers” and to venture beneath the surface of the sea. The very thought of donning SCUBA gear and gliding silently trough a totally new world, full of fascinating and sometimes bizarre plant and animal life, tends to excite one’s imagination. Long before he ever completes a course of instruction, the prospective diver is convinced that “diving is forever”.

As soon as the neophyte diver begins his course, the feeling of freedom will exhilarate him as he floats above and below the surface during pool training sessions. Feelings of anticipation, mixed with anxiety, stimulate his first open water sessions for, even though the beginner has listened to lectures and read books on this new and exciting world, he cannot help but feel slightly anxious about entering this totally foreign environment for the first time.

A whole new medium unfolds through the lens of a diving mask. Breathing easily through his snorkel, the diver surveys the scene around him with breathless wonder as, with a few thrusts of his fins, he silently travels through the still water. Any feelings of uneasiness or anxiety dissipate quickly and starts “flying underwater” with the urge to investigate the sea in closer detail.

As the diver passes down the reef below, he might see lobsters hiding in crevices, pockets and on ledges. The lobsters, sensing the diver’s approach, will aim their feelers at him, and follow him on his downward flight. As the diver pauses to peer at one of these peculiar “bugs”, it will withdraw into the farthest corner of its cave, tentacles pointed outward, daring the diver to enter. Continuing his exploration, the diver is even more amazed. The ocean is teeming with life, and he is only a very minute part of it. Schools of fish dart in and out among the coral – shiny flecks of color and light appear and disappear in a carnival-like explosion of activity. He has found a sanctuary in this liquid environment – calming, but at the same time tremendously exciting.
Now, running short of air, it is time to go back home, the diver returns to the surface knowing that he will return again, for he has discovered a challenging new world…a new continent underwater.

The urge to become a diver has been successfully consummated for thousands of people who, like the individual we have just described, have discovered the fun and pleasure of diving. There are countless others, however, who question whether or not diving will be fun for them. The answer is simple, on these day Scuba Diving had an amazed progress in technics and equipment as well with the new worldwide programs that are specially designed for people who don’t know anything about diving. All these bring the possibility to be tried by every one without distinction in ages or sex. However it would be wrong to say that everyone can dive with the skill of Cousteau or other famous underwater adventurers. Nevertheless, almost everyone can dive. Firs, one must recognize his limitations and dive within his own capabilities and only then will diving be safe and fun.
Once you give the first step, you’ll understand why DIVING IS FOREVER.

You are invited!


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