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Before you send an email to our Customer Support Team, please note:
Very important…You need to be registered in the booking system.
If you are not registered in the booking system your email can not be answered as we can not track
your actual information in order to help with your booking.

Please note that the booking system show only three months in advanced so if you want to book out of those months you will need to contact us by email (you must be registered first).

Notice to our Dear Customers:

Voucher Expiration Date
or all scuba dive courses (except introductory dives experiences)
Once you have booked and assisted Day 1, automatically the expiration date of your voucher ceases and does not apply for the consecutive dates. This means that the expiration date for the voucher course will expire when the course is finished.

Check here some medical conditions that may prevent you from diving

TrueBlueDive is Starlight Children's Foundation Supporter  We donate $ 1.00 for each new register that is done in our online booking system.

Your SAFETY is our number ONE priority.

The weather is an important factor that we must consider when diving. Scuba Diving is weather dependent, where factors such as winds, electric thunderstorms, underwater visibility, tides, currents, swells, high or rough seas, and temperature will all affect your diving experience. Due to safety and liability reasons, TrueBlueDive reserves the right to cancel a dive based upon these factors. Ultimately, your safety must come first.

If a dive is cancelled by TrueBlueDive due to the weather, please use the online booking system to book yourself on to another course/date at no extra cost.


  • Bad weather
  • Other reason compromising customer safety
  • Changes on a dive operation
  • Unforeseen circumstances

Unfortunately if a cancellation notice is informed, please proceed to reschedule for your next available date.
If your voucher expires, an extension will be granted until the date that suits you for the dive or course completion.

Reasons for a VOUCHER EXTENSION to be granted:

  • Any cancellation made by TrueBlueDive due to: bad weather, safety, dive operations changes or any other unforeseen circumstance.
  • If the customer could not find any available date on the system (regardless personal preferences) during the valid period of the voucher.
  • Any other unforeseen circumstance will need to be requested to TrueBlueDive Management and will be evaluated accordingly.

Voucher extensions will be granted for a period until the customer can book or re-book on to the next available date.

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Starlight Children's Foundation Supporter

We donate $ 1.00 for each new register that is done in our online booking system.

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