Flying & Diving

Try something different… take the adventure ride of a lifetime!Discover the wonders of Australia from above and below!

Embark on a 2 night getaway to the prestigious Hunter Valley region and Port Stephens where you will escape and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have an experience that will never be forgotten!

Your first day will include a personal adventure flight, flying in the thrilling supercharged 360 horsepower Yak 52 Ex Advanced Russian Military Trainer. The mission of your choice will take you to the extreme limits of your imagination, pulling up to 5 Gs, which is 5 times the force of gravity. This aircraft is stressed to +7 Gs to – 5Gs. The average passenger could not withstand pulling 7 Gs without blacking out or as we call it GLOC (Gravity Induced Loss of Consciousness).

You will be staying in first class accommodation with a unique Western flavour, right in the heart of the Hunter Valley. Surrounding the lodge is a large veranda with swimming pool, spa and BBQ which can be enjoyed while you take in the country air, enjoy the surrounding mountain ranges and witness the most beautiful moonlit nights.

On your second day we will embark on a boat taking us to the pristine waterscape of Port Stephens and while we sail we will have the possibility to watch a number of dolphins swimming along the boat.
You will get ready to go diving on board and using the skills learned on your first day in the hotel swimming pool you will begin your experience of underwater with the sense of no gravity. You will be exposed to the excitement and adventure of freedom and serenity.

Nothing compares to the exhilaration of breathing underwater. Submerged in the true blue waters of the New South Wales coast of Australia you will find a whole new fascinating world exceeding your wildest imaginations.
Only a diver knows the feeling!
During the trip we will also take you on a tour of the famous Hunter Valley wine region, stopping for wine tasting at some of the best Australian wineries, driving through the beautiful country region, and encountering some of Australia magnificent natives including the koala, emu, and kangaroo.

You can set your limits from relaxed up to full adrenaline!


$1800.00 per person

  • Transportation
  • 3 Days and 2 nights
  • Share accommodation at Hotel / Bungalows at Hunter Valley location
  • All meals prepared and catered by qualified Chefs, including breakfasts, light lunches and BBQ dinner
  • Alcoholic drinks are BYO
  • Flight and Scuba Dive instruction fees
  • Video lectures
  • One Top Gun flight
  • One boat dive with Snorkelling and one Introductory Dive
  • All equipment hire
  • Winnery wildlife tour
  • Underwater Photo
  • Wall certificate

All Introductory Dives & Scuba Dives Medical Declaration and Waiver Release apply


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