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TrueBlueDive™ is a Dive Training Centre and a website developed and managed by DiveHeadquarters® a company based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (ABN 83 112 293 958).

TrueBlueDive™ was established and rapidly expanded as an Australian based independent Dive Training Centre. Since eCapt. Jacques-Yves Cousteauarly 2011, we became the first AUS/001 CMAS Dive Centre (CDC) in Australia offering you: “Return to the origins… and extend your limits™

Did you know?

CMAS stands for: “Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatique” (World Underwater Federation) and was the first Scuba Diving Certifying International agency in the World, from 1952 founded by the legendary diving pioneer Capt. Jacques-Yves Cousteau (creator of the first dive regulator in the world back in 1943 and the pioneer of the firsts underwater documentaries available to the public), recognized worldwide as the Number One. It can be associated with elaborating one of the oldest and most extensive dive training systems.

Through CMAS, we offer all types of dives and training, accommodating people from all different backgrounds.

All our courses are ruled under TrueBlueDive™ Training Standards, exceeding all minimum international standards.

Our company ethos is to provide a safe, detailed and practical application of Scuba training, where safety and quality are held in higherCMAS proudly in Australia regardless the certifications we offer. We have elected to work through CMAS, as it was the original international diver training standard, focusing on dive research and equal opportunities for all.
We call it: “Working with the Best”

As a CMAS representative, and as part of Cousteau’s Dive Team, we will ensure that by the end of each course, every student will become a competent and safe international scuba diver, becoming part of Cousteau’s Dive Team with an international certification, recognized anywhere in the world, for the rest of their life! We call it: “Training Guaranteed”

We operate most dive sites between both New South Wales Marine National Parks: Port Stephens and Jervis Bay.

Our DiveHeadquarters® is located on the Central Coast due to our diversity of dive operations, spanning five different locations (Newcastle, Central Coast, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and South Coast), to allow you to dive closer to your home.

TrueBlueDive mobile dive operation

Your advantage as a TrueBlueDive™ customer is that we plan and provide our services according to the location preference of the customer. We call it: Mobile Operation

TrueBlueDive mobile dive operation

Courses are not conducted according to a set calendar. You can choose take the course in a row or in different dates and in one or in different locations. We call it: Flexible Calendar

Within your chosen location, we always pick the best dive site according to the weather and water conditions for a given day. All components of our dive courses are conducted on site, including dives, practical training and diving theory.

You can register, choose, book or change your preferred date and location available for your dive/course in our 24/7 self-service on-line Booking System. We call it: “Freedom” Book with us 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

TrueBlueDive.com was designed to offer you a great opportunity to experience the true blue sense of scuba diving as well as discover and explore down under, from a different and unique point of view.

All the programs and activities are specially designed and fully guaranteed with the support in most languages, for those with zero of experience up to the ones with a lot.

We do have a Mission Possible…do our best to match your dream!

You can set your limit…
From relaxed up to full adrenaline!

From relaxed up to full adrenaline with TrueBlueDive.com

For our teaching and training we choose to work with CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatique), the first international agency training in the world, which has a worldwide respect and recognition that guarantees you serious fun and serious diving. However we do recognize other international certification agencies, when you enrol or book with us for dives or advanced courses (such as AUSI, IDD, NAUI, PADI, PDIC, SDI, SSI, TDI). We call it: “Friendly Program”

We also conduct special programs through the CMAS Scientific committee such as: Oceanology & Marine Science and Wrecks & Underwater Archeology.

All the services organized and provided by DiveHeadquarters® and offered  through TrueBlueDive.com are almost unique in the industry, with high quality and fully experienced professional instructors, uncompromising in its training standards and customer service.

We invite you to visit and dive in our site, to explore our TrueBlueDive™ services & activities.

Click below to check our packages:

Even if you’re not a certified diver you’re more than welcome to enroll in our snorkelling packages or our challenging Introductory Dive specially designed for people with no experience whatsoever.

If you are a certified diver and you have a “friend” diving with us, we will be more than happy to invite you to our Dive Buddy offer where you can come along on the day and dive with your friend while he is taking the course.


Wishes you all a Happy New 2013

The departure of a diving legend.

The famous diver, Albert Falco died in his hometown on the 21st April of this year.

Albert Falco as leader of Calypso's divers.

Falco was born in October 1927 in Marseilles. He joined Captain Cousteau’s team of divers in 1952, at the age of twenty-five, right before the renovation of the Calypso. This young Albert Falco's lifebut already experienced man would eventually become the leader of the divers and the boat’s captain. Falco, nicknamed Bébert by his friends took part in the discovery of the underwater world – almost completely unknown at the time – since the very first missions of the Calypso’s Group Cousteau.

The grand public got to know him with the film titled “The world of silence”, winner of the Palme d’Or of the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. The fact that he was chosen to participate in one of the first underwater house experiments, the Précontinent I in 1962 shows evidence of his extraordinary diving knowledge and his experience. Falco spent one week at the depth of 10 metres with another diver, Claude Wesly in a cylindrical, 5,2 meters high underwater house, the Diogenes in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Marseilles.

During his thirtyeight years of service, he went all the way around the Earth so it would be impossible to make a list of all the exact places he’d visited, all the missions he accomplished, all the underwater researches he took part in until 1990, the end of his active diving career on the board of the Calypso. Even afterwards, Falco never hung up his fins; his loyalty to the sea and to diving never stopped. Following his “retirement” he became the captain of a small boat and he as-sisted several nature-conservation themed film shoots. He made considerable efforts in order to protect the underwater world of the Calanque de Sormious region – the starting point of his diving career – close to Marseille, as well as trying to make it into a preserved area. These last years he helped out with the work of the Ocean Futures Society Team, created by Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Sea Shepherd as a member of their boards of directors.

He continued to dive even during the last years of his life: he commuted between Marseille and Martinique in the Antilles, his two favourite diving spots. In the video made as a tribute to his memory shows Falco and his friends diving from a small boat he navigated last summer – any young diver can envy his backward roll dive – and the camera keeps rolling underwater… Falco died in his home in Marseilles at the age of 84… May he rest in peace and let the eternal light shine for him forever!

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